Tackle Fooball



1. Please show up for practice on time

2. Please have your players wear appropriate clothing/equipment:

•Shoulder Pads
•T-Shirt under Shoulder Pad
•Practice Jersey/T-shirt over Shoulder Pads
•Practice Pants, With Pads Including Cup
•Socks and Cleats


3. Please pick up ALL garbage before leaving, ensuring other participants do not have to.

4. Players must ask for permission from their coaches before leaving practices . 

5. We encourage all parents to watch your children’s practice, from a distance and ask that parents allow us to coach, interruptions during practice cause distractions for the players and coaches.

6. Please feel free to contact the coaches before or after any practice, please do not interrupt practice if possible. 

7. If your player has any allergies please notify us ASAP. 

8. If your player can not attend a practice or a game, please notify your head coach ASAP. 

9. If practice is cancelled we will contact parents as soon as possible, please give us a current contact number, cell phones are great for the team mom's/coaches to text.

10. We will have parent meetings periodically and require that you participate.

CLL has a very strict attendance policy, and game participation may be affected.  Excusable absences do not count against them, however if it is a chronic problem then they cannot participate in competitions

Football Commissioner
Bernard Clark (716) 292-9821

Head Coach

Charles Young (716) 830-2237

Team Manager Vacant

Freshman Team

Head Coach

Dallante Owens (716) 445-6796

Team Manager Vacant

Junior Varsity

Head Coach

Vidal Dinkins (716) 424-4467

Team Manager Vacant

Varsity Team

Head Coach

Patrick Thornton (716) 507-3786

Team Manager Vacant

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